Friday, December 6, 2019

Social Problems 101

Three ways to "Class it up" she said to us, in the class room, it was 6pm and I did not want to hear it.

"What the Fuck do I need to class myself up for" I whispered to my class mate, he shrugged and laughed.

"You're fucked if you don't rise above where ever the fuck you're from" he said to me pretty sternly. How was it that this 300 pound kid had anything over me.

"I can out run you" he said to him.

"Yeah but instead you choose to get high you loser." He exhaled. He was right I was high, it was a night class and I didn't care about "Social Problems 101"

"To say the least the first thing we need to address as a society is that our population is out of control." She wrote it on the board. I was so high, I had eaten some brownies that my roommates had made, they were so good and I was so hungry so I ate a bunch. The were laced with weed. I was almost asleep.

"Anti social behaviour is on the rise in our cities and in our man stream media" she blurted, in a way that made me want to listen less and less.

"Social problems come form being too generous to the peasants" I could smell his breath when he said it to me. I was getting more and more stoned as the weed started to kick in. I burped and I could taste it. People don't need to have homes, they don't need to eat and sleep as much as they do." I could hear him whimpering next to me.

"If you want to rise about the rest you need create a world around you where there is no bullying." Was the last thing I remember her saying.

"No bullying?"I asked myself but spoke it loud enough that she looked back at me.

"Yes Bullying, and not bullying others, that's not the problem" she mentioned.

"What do yo mean?" I asked all baked from the back of room 101.

"We bully ourselves" she said, and it hit. I was alone.

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