Saturday, December 28, 2019

My guide

He's the coast in my ocean. The reason I'm kept inside. Surrounding me. Healing me, he's his own ocean. A sea. We are seas. Seeing myself being a father.

I am a father.

My son means enough to me to have changed the world.

It's incredible. He's on his own journey now. He always was.

it only has so much to do with me. He's gone through more than most youth his age. There will be time needed for his life to settle in.

The things we all live through, that rip us into our own path. Our own life. He's presence guides my balance. We are so set to see. He's balancing on his own and it's scary for me.

 I'm back, to be here alone.

That's ok. We're all alone. Life is a chance to connect. Life is gentle and healing and .... a Mother.


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