Tuesday, December 31, 2013

takes years

Not all cougars are sluts... Some are smart woman who know what they want. The smart ones have usually been through hell and back. The good ones can see through the bull shit. They laugh at it. The smart ones can enjoy but can omit it. That's a relief, not everyone wants to be told what they want.. But those people like to tell people what to do.

Not all dudes are sluts ... Most can't keep up.

There is so much that goes into building a relationship because first you have to find someone that you can love. Love is something that you can't give away after so many tries...

It's like if you've ever thought you loved someone and then broke up with them... then if you ever want to think you're feeling love again you'd have to feel twice the emotions that you did the first time... it's like a drug.

Or maybe not. That sounds like sex. Sex is like a drug.
It can grab you and hold you in  a place you don't want to be. It definitely a heroin, but only if it's good. What happens when sex suck, over and over again?

What if sex somehow becomes a chore... what do we do? As individuals...
I think that sex is a chore for women in their early twenties. They have absolutely no drive or understanding of their own desires...

That's not all true. Some young woman are ready for sex, but lots can't cum.

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