Saturday, December 28, 2013

collapse state

Looming over me is the transition... the change I want to make. I'm going to make myself a municipal entity. Which is a joke to most people. Edmonton is my home, and it's a place I will always be a part of.
What does being a part of something mean. I think that I can be an influence over the future of my city. This city has a lot going for it. The world looks at us here in Edmonton a lot like the people of this city look at me, they think we're small potatoes. If anything that's been my way in. When people don't give you the recognition you can usually engage individuals in your surroundings more aggressively.
Being a lone wolf or even just a lone anybody you end up being less susceptible to transition. Being set in your ways. Edmonton was set in its way for a long time. It was this piece of ice... but now Edmonton is on twitter.. it's becoming a place where you can communicate your ideas, now hopefully if becomes a place where good leaders will listen and respect the ideas of the people who care about people.

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