Tuesday, December 17, 2013

here we go again

A safe ride through a world filled with sex drugs and rock and roll.
That's for sure, things have changed so much since I started this blog. I've wondered about what this thing is, what this Blog represents to me... and it is what it is... My fares... My experiences.. This is where I have to start over again and never stop.

Beginning to look back at my life over and over again... I've been traveling around the same old streets for the last little while. That's something I've realized.. But I've also settled into a regimented world of a parent.

Sex drugs and rock and roll just don't mix well over time... We corrode in this place. I've seen things come and go now then come back again. I have been the safe ride the sex the drugs and the rock and roll... But now there is peace.

What to do to make that balance.. to write the write pages of stuff for the right reasons.
Filling with the right stuff at the right time... It's not possible to be that perfect. But you have to be pretty far along to be a 'good' parent.

Learning to debate with yourself... learning to shut that fuck trap that is our hole... or whatever you wanna call it. It's there, all of us have it. Some of us can control it... most of us don't have a clue..

I'm not saying I know what the fuck we're in but I know when I'm going in the right direction.. It has been a safe ride. It has been a good ride. And the best things in life actually naturaly bring peace.

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