Wednesday, April 25, 2012

In Russia

Through the tic toking of the clock I sit and stare into the abyss scared shitless thinking about the future. Waiting for that destiny, realizing that this is such a coherent trip to some sort of dance where the rhymes howl and hail us all over, to see our one freedom. I can do this, I've seen my world through the eyes of a nineteen year old angry genius that reminds me of my thirty six year old brother, that had so much potential and let it fall away.
"Don't be so angry, let it go" it's all I can tell him, he can't let go.
"No one let's me go!" it's what 'he'd say. The two of us were already there, but it's the same old story. "Yeah!, blame them!" our parent's. "It's their fault you were so smart, you realized the world sucks before you could  save it." He's frown always give him away, "You 're just a little bitch! Go jerk off!" I wouldn't care about his feeling why should I care for anyone. Growing up is when you're an older brother.
"But the girls seem to straighten the pain out!" enjoying us so easily. "They didn't have good dads, and their mom were angry." "Women make me feel so insecure. Sex is something that should be fun.
"When you fell in love we were together, you thought that things were going to be different. Coherent" there was too much Billy Joel, so much talk of fatherless boys and Jesus Christ. The rules seemed clear that time is of the essences and life is strange if you really look at it. A dance with a wave of situations. It's nice to know people. People are happy.

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