Friday, April 27, 2012

But he still had no legs!

"You couldn't have made it this far without them!" he knew it was the truth. The dust in the hot air made things seem like they were in a fog. "You know it's true." He thought about both of them. He thought about how long they had both been with him.
"It's true, I guess." he could feel the distance they'd traveled together. "I can remember the way it felt when we were all together." He smelt the air, looking at her hair. She was a strawberry blonde, "I'm a ginger" she'd say. And he didn't ever dispute that. He looked it all over. The horizon, the hills that molded into mountains and ran like horses over waves of fresh fresh air. Nothing ever disrupted them, there was never a dispute. That's why he needed to remember. "When we were young, we saw so much together, why are we so frustrated with each other  now?" the question was obsolete, he knew.
"I believe in a fairytale, I know it'll come true" she said looking at him.

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