Tuesday, April 10, 2012

and lit her smoke!

She let out this huge breath, it was sad. She was alone. her body hung itself against the wall, on the corner. She was dirty, and she stood there alone. He saw her there in her sadness and it made him smile. She was younger then he expected her to be, but he understood everything he needed to know just by looking at her.
"What you smoking?" he asked tearing into her. She just jumped and took a drag of her smoke.
"What do you think?" the smoke just drained out of her. She was lovely, so angry and alone.
"I don't know?" he stopped moved closer. "I'll have whatever you're having."
"I'm having it alone." She knew exactly what he wanted. "Actually!" she stopped and raised her eyebrow. "I know what I want, wanna help me get it?" she was thrilled by him.
He wanted it too. "Let's go."
The doors to the basement were locked but he found a base board that was torn apart, there was enough room for him to pinch through. He did it so quickly, for being so tall. He tore it apart so that I could fall, It was exactly what I had imagined.
"the room was filled to the brim with jewels and necklaces and ornaments.
"None of it is real!" she said, holding one of to the plastic stones to the light radiating from the trench he had torn out for her.
"No?.. Nothing!" there was this look in his eyes, he smiled as he went looking through the graveyard of ruble.
"There is so much dust in in here." she said whipping at her nose, he just kept digging through the mess, the light reflecting of the stones and into her eyes. "Wa...What are you doing, you 're making me sick," she was getting ready to light up again.
"Don't!" he yelled.
"What?" she demanded, "do you want!"
"Don't smoke in here" his voice echoed through the space, the soot was making her feel wrong, closed in.
"I just want a fucking smoke!" she was yelling.
"Just wait!" he was reaching back into everything shining behind him. The light from outside was still there, pushing against them for her to see him through the dust. He loved her.
"I just think that, I I..." her voice wavered
"Look at it!" he yelled pulling out and opening up his hand form the pile of shinny relics he had collected over the years. He held it out to here, his breath clearing the dust that surrounded them."It's mine..." he smiled to look at her, so small, not innocent, but still sweet. "Look at it, I found it for you."
She looked at it,

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