Wednesday, April 25, 2012

I see you baby...shaken that ass! shaken that ass!

Alfred was infatuated, she could tell, he'd been looking at the screen for several minutes. "Baby... baby, why aren't you listening?" He didn't even notice that she was asking a question. "Baby" she shouted, his face looked adorable to her the moment he turned.
"What is it?" snarling, teeth in show. "What do you want from me hun?" his face deafening in that moment.
"I ah, eh, I want you to listen to this thing I wrote for you." The sound of her voice was soft but he felt antagonized and she could tell, "You don't want to know how I feel about you?" he laughed at her question.
"Baby, I'm editing this set!" he knew that would stop her. He knew that looking back.
He was alone now, she was gone, "No more, Alfred? you stink! Alfred! Put THAT away! Alfred I hate your Job!" it was always something else or other. "You bother me!..Get away. Alfred NO!" he heard her shouting,"you were beautiful!" he sighed, alone sitting hunched over the computer, reading her, looking at the work they'd done together. "I love you so much" he whispered to himself. The morning when he reminded himself of their rain, he showered himself in a disbelief,  but he felt fantastic under it. "You were so spoiled!" He thought about how he could still see her looking up at him, so close.
"I Remember making you laugh under that bridge!" he shouldn't have told her, he shook his head "but I did I was high."holding his hand to his face he saw her screaming, "You're the liar!" she was the literate one he thought.
"Alfred why do you love me?" she'd ask him all the time.
"why do I love you ?" he'd ask himself, scratching his chin. "You make me want you, and I like that!" he scratched some more, "You also have that hair, those eyes, lips, and feet. And you're legs!" He stopped and looked around realizing he's talking to himself again. "Why do you do this?" He knew why.

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