Tuesday, May 10, 2011

WINter flyERS!

The river was frozen over for over a month. His cousin was two months younger then him, and two inches taller, but in general they were both short for their age. "Come on!" lets go, the older boy called. He was by nature a resilient and quick mannered individual. "Come-on brother, brisk baby can you feel it?" He asked, ready at the door looking over at his younger cousin. The boy was looking up at him from the stairs where he was sitting tying his boots. They were going out to smoke, it was winter and the river fast frozen solid, "Look at all those fishermen"  the older of the two said. "Waiting to catch the big one?" he yelled. The younger boy watched as his older cousin got on the ice. They were in a private nook, hidden, "David" the younger one yelled out form the shore in fear of accidentally stepping out onto the ice. Standing there watching his cousin inhale the filtered cigarette, he began to think about what his grand mother had told him about the river.
It was about a week ago, he was sitting around the kitchen table with the family eating pork chops and potatoes when his grand mother turned to him and while he was taking his last bite of the succulent meat she said "Don't think twice about following your cousin down there to the river" she looked him over. He finished his supper. He got up to clear the plats when she grabbed him by the hand and said "Adam!  he's cunning, and he's sharper then you."
Adam understood her concern for him, ever since his mother left Adam was becoming so much more rigid. He could see his grand mother take notice when he waned her advances at him possibly becoming a choir boy. That was never an option back home in Canada, it was never an option when his mother was around, but now in her absence, the idea of a secular fellowship was being shoved down his throat.
"Fuck that" he told himself as he stepped out toward his older cousin who was standing no more then fifteen meters off shore. Adam had never seen the river without the thick layer of ice, he had only just arrived at the end of that  November, a month said to be engulfed in a very miserable winter.
"It's frozen solid Adam" David told him standing over the depths of its wilderness, of one of the largest rivers in his new home, in this foreign nation. "How deep do you think it is?" asked the inexperienced younger cousin, the two moved forward together, they veered off toward a canal. It was an off shoot a progression of the nook they had already been standing in, it was getting dark but only because of the clouds, dense as they were above them. David gave Adam a cigarette, Adam looked up into the air and watch an eagle flay over him. He said nothing, but David saw the reflection of the bird in his cousins eye's and in that instant turned to look. Adam was paying attention too as the lighter accidentally shifted and started his thick hair on fire. Adam was stunned, unaware what was happening, panicking and falling to the ground. The cracking came powerfully, that sound upon impact, the ice shifted, David stood still and Adam screamed until the instant the ice broke. His hair no longer on fire!

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