Monday, May 16, 2011

WHat the Fuck lets Hang with HUCK!!!

Tom's evolution as a character begins to take part almost immediately into the novel. Or introduction to his boisterous and manipulatively tactile antics overwhelm us with a sense of desire to know that boy. His persistent ability to make change in, and renew his circumstances catapults him into a deadpanning chasm of dynamic characterization. Tow Sewer, is in pursuit of individuality within his society, to maintain himself as an equal in the community, and yet still hang with Huck. The facts are Tom reign's as king in his achievement of creating a homeostatic relationship between the abstractions of his dreams and the rigid rules of reality. Injun Joe is a mirror image of a Tom like character who could never make it. Because  unlike Tom, Injun Joe is out for revenge, incapable of reinitializing and reembarking on different events, he focuses on destroying the structures that helped create who he is in that moment. Injun Joe was left in the cave just as Tom. Except Tom is faced with a situation where he can save himself, and his beauty, by findind the light, while Injune Joe is forced to pry his way through a wall that will never submit with a rotten chest of money that inevitably he'll never be able to spend.

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