Monday, May 16, 2011

began a very thorough examination

It was three o'clock in the morning and she was nervous bout what was going on. It had taken Dr.Robasakar two hours to show up. She sat there looking into his eyes, worried, wondering whether to start mourning or celebrate. She was in her sixth month, finishing off her second trimester, they were on their way back from the seven o'clock show, "remember that part where she asked him to order that awful pizza", she asked him referring to the picture. He looked at her and smiled a nasty giddy snarl of smirk and said "I didn't like that movie. It grossed me out." He was referring to the scene where the main character was forced to have a C section. "Ah baby" she said looking up at him form the hospital bed. "Six months baby and now this" he exclaimed looking up, arms raised over his shoulders pulling down his hair. "It was not our fault," she  waited for him to settled down before going on. "He was drunk baby" and with another pause she touched her stomach and said, "I'm fine I know it." She felt fine, nothing hurt, the accident cause a nasty smash but she happened to have been sitting right to brace for the impact, something she didn't see coming. He did, and it that moment he braced for that impact himself he felt so vulnerable and weak. He hadn't the time to turn and protect her.
The examination was awful, and the doctor had several tests run, form blood tests to x-rays, everything seemed to be in good measure but the doctor insisted upon it. She was known to be an excellent and thorough doctor. Then there came the final test, she was asked to lay down in a nice peaceful room then the sonographer began probing with the echo locator. "So how's it going you guys?" The young technician prodded. The pregnant women lay there weak form a night of treacherous agony waiting for the results of an on slot of atrocious and what seem like meaningless tests and says "I can't wait to go home?" They all laughed, it was early in the morning and the heavens were beginning to part for the day to break through and have the sun kiss this side of our mother earth, "What happened?" asked the health care professional. The couple looked at each other strained, stained, neither wanted to answer. The health care provider continued her task saying "these are often routine calls, I'm just here to employ more faculties of our health care industry," she paused, looked over the women healthy stomach. "There is lots of corruption in the system, usually you're put through those meaningless test just to funnel more people through the system to make more money for said testing organization." she laughed holding the locator in her hand bearing a glove and a palm full of lubricant in the other. Beginning the examination, not causing any discomfort to the pregnant party, all three laughed insisting that the test was requested to deepen the pockets of the heads of the radiology department, "Yeah the Dean needs a new trailer for his yacht" the man said watching the work initiate. Almost immediately upon focusing the image on the child's heart did the women stop laughing and


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doctors don't give pregnant chicks r ray do they?