Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Soul for SALE...Ame...a me..SOul, Gratis or for food or a good fuck!

Focusing on empowering you, the consumer. Who the fuck cares about getting what you need fast and reliable, let's empower the God damn consumer, the world is growing bleaker. Meaning we are beginning to sustain ourselves on regular means, we're equalizing. Isn't that like being English and wearing leather. Remember Knight Rider...or Viper...No you don't. A Polish person might call it Veeperr, (rolling the tongue funny). Who owns a T.V? Not me. The world is about getting people to understand what it is to be real, empowering you. You need to have food first I guess, you need to eat. Then you fuck with everything. It all needs to be dismantled to be understood. Books need to be read and a life needs to be lived. If we the people can do that in this infinitless  abyss of success's achieved by people who bought them we can prepare ourselves to be hit by a comet, soon!!! Because if it doesn't hit us soon, we'll all be living on a grand Prairie or sucking up to some oil barren from a slave Lake of oil. Information! Who cares? I know I know you watch Global...You do!

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