Wednesday, May 4, 2011

pullin teeeeeeth! and hunger pains

The sky was down beneath my feet as I slowly ran toward the furthest point I couldn't see. I envisioned a monster there but instead I found a baby. The young was old and our fresh attachment fell apart and began rotting. What is in the words? You see the world in my belief. I scribbled down a manuscript, a journal without any agenda but to kill you. I am standing down my opinion and guaranteeing you success, my mind is in an oblivion and the universe is in the palm of my fathers hands. I walk below it, not to show it that I am determined to deliver to my sun the earth. A sinister ball of blasphemy that I curse and kiss and con. I am here to lie to you, to tell it as all, to tell it as truth, but an obvious correction here is it's without heart. My mind is a burrow of plight and I adore you enough to burn down the nest and give up, stop, and again fight. I am a big one, tall, tough, tight, together, I am a big one. In the sky off the ground, kissing boys in a marry-go-round. I learned to be the teacher when I realized that the pupils were above me, they knew more then me, nonsense, you say, God is dead today. Who told you? Oh...he did! Makes sense! Yeah! I believe you now! I've married into a union with an atheist an oniun. I'm scared so I'll take that as the command to stand tall. March...4.3.2. Salute. Sovereign, singular, assimilated good girl, foreign girl. She walks above me now, carrying my heart, soaring, little bugger, through the wind, but when he gets to close to me it burns. But you don't have to breath, just inhale! then eat! just eat!

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