Tuesday, May 10, 2011


"There is no money in it!" he announced, standing in line waiting to pay his bills at the bank. She was standing next to him wearing her red dress and high heels. "You look stunning by the way!" He said, jeering a wide insignificant smile. "No no money in anything!" he repeated. She smiled looking down, her brown hair hung toward the floor as she arched her back ever so slightly, she let her arm lag too. "You're bored hey?" He asked, knowingly watching her. "Well you'd love my job!" he explained. "I sit upstairs" he said, looking around his downtown surroundings, "and I manage to avoid getting told what to do by coming down here to deposit checks, I stand in line all day!" he said, cleverly smiling while crossing his legs. The envelope help tight in between his fingers, arms crossed, standing there staring at her tilting his head. "I can see you naked" he thought to himself. She could see a slight flash of existence in his eyes the moment he thought that, "What did you say?" she asked, straitening out. "There is no money in anything these day's". He repeated, smiling looking her over standing in line, waiting to deposit the next check. She liked it, his manner. "Money in what?" she managed to asked.

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So qrazy..

oesnt matter