Thursday, September 30, 2010

Scotch tape in the sink for your on sake!

Now things are running so smoothly, I have a felling I'm gonna trip over something big. Good or Bad, I guess we'll see. For now I have to keep focused. Get over the jealousy and that kind of stuff. Life is more then i'll ever be able to define. I have things so good they could not be better. We could always use more money. I'm sure this rings true for most people. So materialistic greed is something that I just inherently feel. It's a sin! It causes strange things to happen. Sometimes it feels like you're being carried which is cool right? Well sometimes life ain't lifting you up it's taking you down... and you don't even know it. The joys of all this....learning. Use pirated software if you have to an try not to make your computer crash. Get sleep! and imagine life on this world without "who you are".

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