Monday, October 4, 2010


SO there is things you just don't get over. You learn to cope with, to get better at, to overcome. You don't just drop into this world ready to kick ass, we're all dropped here naked, scared, cold and wet. I miss something........ but that's ok I'm moving along. I talked to Tony, the cabbie I followed after that fifteen year old cut his throat in the taxi. He's still driving. What a guy, cool as fuck, still behind the wheel of a Hack. I also talked to on of my Polish day cabby buddies, he said business is slow. As usual. Day drivers can never catch a break. Who knows maybe one day the whole world with have a bus schedule and cabbies will be obsolete. I'll never forget being a driver, I can't wait to do it for fun when I'm rich and famous. That is if I ever find the time..... The world is so

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