Sunday, September 19, 2010

The secret is out you suck!

So it looks like the two years it takes to put on a lawsuit is up, and AMA want to fight the collision. The law has nothing to do with this. What's happening is one insurance company is fighting another. I think it's funny, my case was dismissed because the witnesses and even the cop who wrote the ticket never showed up(crack heads). I won because no one bothered to take the thing seriously. I think that takes me off the hook when it comes to paying the deductible. Not 100% sure on that though. It's a scam. I might have to testify in court. Yellow cabs "GuY" told me that the layers are there to desecrate you. He said he was put up to the stand once and it was awful, the lawyer did everything but spit on his face and the judge sat there jerking off. Man the Canadian judicial system is such a fucking joke. So is Edmontons Police department. FUck what a waste of money. THe weird thing is when I asked what the damage came to, the "Guy" from yellow cab couldn't say. Cheeeeese Ball! What an ass this situation is. At least I got to talk shit about the insurance representative. THis women with absolutely no social skills. I told the dude that the women should be fired, I might not even help yellow cab with this unless that women is kicked out. THrown in the dirty bucket. The world of the recession. FUck insurance companies. FUck this cheese ball nation, because it's such a great place to be an asshole duchbag. FUck this shit. FUCK. >>>>>>>>>fuck,.,.,.,.,.,.,.

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