Monday, September 13, 2010

Hoping we all get to heal because I fucking cared about us. and you but happy things are over.

SO there it is, I'm kinda sad I know, and there is plenty more pop songs that posting might make me feel better but I won't. I think the initial pain of the split is over. Still getting slivers of emotional retardation. But I know I can't reach out. She might just reach back. This relationship ended so badly, so fucking painfully it's strange. Taxi talk is the outlet for this. I've been transferring the emotional detachment into creative drive. Oh and I finally started understanding the meaning of heart ache. I totally fell in love with that Celoo Green song. Fuck what an awesome sound.

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unknown vector said...

I said, FUCK YOoouuu and a, Fuck Her Toooo ooo oo