Friday, September 10, 2010

How was watching me burn baby...make you feel good

you took off laughing after you lied.......


unknown vector said...

yo, im not sure about these videos dude... what hapend to the poetry... your crazy enough to make some good poetry so do it.... remember honesty is what people want, just not from themselves

Anonymous said...

interesting video.

of note is the way she reacts to ONE phone number...

imagine if you had to deal with 100's....

imagine if the circumstances were SO EXTREME that you become someone else.....

imagine you get into a cab, and meet your beloved.

imagine they come to see you, and it is indeed, love at first sight.

imagine you are so happy that you can't stop grinning, for months because you can't believe they actually picked you!

imagine that you send each other over 2000 e-mails in 6 months and have a physical relationship that is out of this world

imagine after waiting months and months and listening over and over and over how perfect his ex is, and how much he loves her, he makes all your dreams come. he tells you he loves you.

imagine you try so very hard to earn that love that you bend over backward and try to do everything you can for that person, including put yourself deep in debt because you want them to be happy and not have to worry about anything.

imagine you go away with your family and spend your entire holiday going from one computer to another to talk to beloved but end up seeing them in a photo with a beautiful girl with her tongue your beloved's ear.

imagine you cry yourself to sleep an ocean apart from your beloved and pray you never have to deal with another woman being that close to your beloved again

imagine your beloved changes. he becomes a photographer and you have to cry yourself to sleep night after night and month after month (over 80 times!) because they leave you all alone to go hang out in bars and take pictures of every beautiful girl in the city who is 10times hotter and 20 years younger than you are.

imagine that he takes pictures, close ups, of them half naked and posts them on the internet for money and calls it art

imagine that he takes close ups of their breasts and asses.

imagine that they are less than 5 years older than your daughter.

imagine your beloved starts lying to you and keeping secrets (and not only admits it,but throws it in your face, just like he did with his ex)

imagine he has dozens and dozens of other girl's phone numbers in his apartment

imagine he has hundreds of them as facebook friends

imagine he gets texts from girls who take their clothes off in bars telling him to come and take pictures of them

imagine he does.

imagine he sets up a studio in his house so he can bring them home.

imagine his studio is 5 feet from his bedroom

imagine you start to feel insecure
imagine your beloved starts calling you crazy

imagine you've been cheated on before and you are so afraid your beloved is human and will be tempted

imagine you see thousands of pictures of half naked girls your beloved has taken and has been close enough to he can reach out and touch them

imagine yóu think that your beloved is so special and sexy and amazing that you can't imagine these other girls don't agree with you

imagine you don't know how to handle it so you say awful, mean things that you don't really mean because you don't know what to do with all these feelings

imagine you feel like killing yo
urself to stop the pain

imagine you die inside

imagine you break

imagine you break something that was important

imagine that's what happens when a tornado meets a volcano....

imagine you say you are sorry

imagine your beloved doesn't care

imagine he won't talk to you. ever. again.

taxitalk said...

imagine you lied to the Police, Imagine someone trying to destroy your dreams(for real), Imagine being told by an investigator that they are looking into you, imagine realizing that you stole the keys to my everything, imagine I never cheated, imagine calling and having another man answer. Imagine yourself in a psychiatrists office because you were in a abusive relationship and overlooked it for love, imagine you gave someone your life and they weren't happy with it. I don't want to move on but I have too. Ohhh and imagine this now imagine throwing it all away because you thought you could take more, imagine who you really hurt, imagine what you did. what you lost, imagine it was yours for free, imagine having some tramp threaten your existence with him, imagine realizing she never really though about anything but herself, imagine she'll never know that, imagine going back to that, imagine being beat up in front of others, and feeling hopeless, imagine the look in your eye when you did that to me. Imagine why I can never talk to you, imagine what I would be if I ever let you in. Hurts don't it.

Anonymous said...

Imagine me rolling on the floor laughing at this totally fucking ridiculous melodrama.

taxitalk said...

Hey your welcome!

taxitalk said...

obviously good content for a blog, you wouldn't happen to have anything other then you face book to see?
Good thing I know where you come form dip shit! oh and I am way more then you'll ever be. lol