Wednesday, September 1, 2010

LAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA Balalllla balas bbbabalas

This blog has always seemed to stay alive, when the fact of the matter is I no longer boot around in the taxi. I have a new job now and I'm also finishing my degree. Sometimes I look back at all the things I could have been. Then I laugh and realize that I love who I am. The blog won't die. There is to many others who have no where to go. No blog to write of their own. To those I say....."Drive a taxi and get a girl pregnant." Now we all know that the kids are going to follow my advice buy unfortunately the girl they knock up will probably have an abortion. Leading the young new taxi cab blogger to spiral into a river of unhappiness and possibly drug abuse.
When after a lifetime of self abuse he wakes to realize that he can no longer.....
School start tomorrow I can't sleep.
I think this helped


Caravan Cabbie said...

Good Luck, you will be back I have come and gone from the taxi for more than twenty years, now I am back in a cab again... I think sometimes that it is my destiny to be a hack.

Have Gas Will Travel,
Caravan Cabbie

taxitalk said...

i fucking loved it
I'll be doing for fun soon
I hope

Anonymous said...

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