Monday, September 20, 2010

You are the only person that can make you happy in this world!

Throughout the last few weeks I've been getting over a really bad bust up with my lover. We were lovers for almost two years. The strange thing about our relationship was that lust played a massive role in it. Neither of us ran out of want for each other, but we did run out of respect for one another. This X lover of mine was someone I was willing to spend my life with, no joke....except she was married. Well she was separated for over ten years. Another thing about this women was that she was over a decade older then me. We made a great match at first. She totally helped me stay optimistic about this shit hole of a world we live in. I met her in the taxi, which I know was one of the big no no's for anyone out there that enjoyed taxitalk....No sex! no drugs! (Don't worry there was non of that)but, well toward the end of the career things changed. I met a women, a fare, she invited me into her house to type in the URL to my blog .... That night I could tell she was lonely. I didn't take advantage of it. Even though I was lonely too. She eventually contacted me on the blog. There is a comment somewhere back there. We started to email each other and a Romance followed. We corresponded together for a month or two before we met again, and it was love at first sight...or lust. (I'm just starting to go over the figure out why I didn't leave earlier) There were several issues I over looked time and time again to try to protect our Love or lust or whatever it has ended being. Over looking ones self if the worst mistake I ever made when it comes to love.


Anonymous said...

the title is correct.n (i'm working on it). please don't overlook the comment on "Love the way you Lie"

taxitalk said...

I never do.