Wednesday, September 2, 2009

x's suck

The hunger strikes. O.k so today I have my first class and I can't wait. Intro to Christian faith. All right!!! For real I can't wait to meet the kids. I'm hungry though. That's what I get for living by myself. My ex girlfriend is making my transition to becoming a successful student a difficult task. She just decided to take her unemployed ass to Calgary. I thought that because she was out of a job we could share the responsibilities of parenthood. I thought that because it's my first week of school she could help me arrange a comfortable schedule for me and my sun. Not a chance. My ex is as selfish as it comes. Hasn't worked in almost a year. Just had a flood hit her house, now she is spending insurance money for a living. She never made any transitions easy for me. From becoming a father to dealing with drug addiction. I'm a selfish ass too, but I' aware of it. Not her, she could rear end you and drive away, and if you confronted her about it she is the type that would say it wasn't her. She knows how to change the truth. It's actually kinda psycho, but don't tell her that cause she'll never admit to it. So now I'm going to my first class. I'm gonna keep you guys updated.


Anonymous said...

i guess currents do 2

Hope Walls said...

X's don't always suck - it just takes practice, patience, and understanding to find a means. There will always be roadbumps and venting is an important aspect of making sure that you don't bottle it up. Chin up - 14 years of dealing with X's (mine, his, and ours) our blended family still manages to have some kind of normalcy. The measuring stick is always this, both legally and morally: what is in the best interest of your kids? It's easy to lose sight of that when you're pissed, so take a deep breath and remember what it feels like having your son wrap his arms around your neck and what he smells like after the bath and how his laugh kind of makes your own stomach feel tickled. TOTALLY makes it worth the bumps in the road.

Anonymous said...

In an ideal world, all ex's would get along all the time. But that's not the reality for most people, so sometimes the best thing you can do is learn from your mistakes and from your parents mistakes, even if it means avoiding your ex so the kids won't see you fight. Sounds like you've done that.