Wednesday, September 16, 2009


What drives us? Remember what drove me. It was you. What ever I meant by that at the time. My fares, Fuck! what is my fare now. The photo gig is growing for sure. My student loans are coming and I've officially acquired a dept. My own massive dept. School is cool and fun but it's expensive. I'm not worried about the cash issue right now or am I? The ground I'm walking on seems to feel like water. Maybe I'm standing on ice right now, speaking from a metaphoric stand point. I could break through and sink, fail all my classes. Get in dept. I returned to yellow taxi today, to cash some of my old Visa slips I had, about a hundred bucks worth. The cashier told me I was accumulating interest. The accident I was in where I was falsely accused of running a yellow. The insurance companies want their money, so i got to pay the deductible, even though I'm innocent till proven guilty. I think I'm going to be found innocent. The girl that hit me paid her ticket. She was guilty. I can't afford to pay the massive deductible. It's over a thousand dollars. Greedy company. Interest. Screw them. I'm not falling through. I'm sliding across. the foundation which I chose to drive myself on is going to hold me. Support me because I chose the right path. I am .........

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