Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Ushers House

It's in me, the House of Usher. We've been possessed by them all, the Ushers, for centuries now. Roderick, holds what's left of me in his faint and poor pounding heart- there, if you haven't guessed, is where you'll find our pain, what gives us our smarts our gain. Through the corridors, through the veins, you'll find my eyes are closed windows that still let in the rain. A family, a house, I was built here to stay. Now is much later, the years have become endless, and there is apathy, and I have began wasting away. My lady is dying, she is my phantasm, with her I hold my fear, I can now watch her until she disappears. It is now autumn, and the rain is going to be followed by the snow. Our trees are all dying and the swamps stink has started to grow, and it's starting to create an insufferable low. The tarn is showing us each other a reflection that molds. And the fungus has overgrown our Kingdom the hierarchy the thrown. My dreams are getting shorter, I'm becoming uninhabitable. There is that deficiency, that dishonesty inborn to serve the family. The lie that never really allowed me to show my instability, it has grown. The cracks, the rat, the insects, the weeds, all of them sent here to fester and breed. That boy has his twin sister, she is here to remind him of that indecision, that incoherent inconsistency. It's me the house of Usher, I stand together because together me and thee fall. Over centuries we've collected evil into a heart that can no longer even crawl. That's us the house of Usher, we’ve been crushed by one another, we are so small.


Jessica said...

That's flippin pro.

Hipster Designer said...

Kubaaaaaa.... Srubaaaaaaa