Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Bombs Away

The days move on and on. Rapidly changing my life my circumstance. I have a court date coming up soon. The left turn incident, it all happened so fast. Unbelievable that the asshole cop wrote me a ticket too. We all know it was the young women out to buy stimulants who hit me. She did, She hit me. It all happened so fast. October 29Th is my night to be there or be square.
So school, is acceptable. It's beyond that, it incredible. My psych teacher puts his whole course online. So we don't even need to come to class. I said "Professor we're all social animals. We need to connect to each other. We need to be in the presence of others to satisfy our enormous appetite for attention from others." He told me "well while your online listening to my lecture why don't you log onto your facebook account and have a chat with a friend." The whole class laughed. Made me kind of sad. I like being involved with my peers. I like to know the people who are interested in the same subjects I am. Unfortunately my chance to talk to my fellow class mates is going to be limited to test dates and exam review days. Oh well.
The best part of my time at Concordia so far has been the Media man. the schools presidents right hand man. He's a the guy who is creating Concordias public image. Given us the shine. The school is immaculate. The only thing wrong with it is that I don't make money being here. Otherwise this is a school any parent should send his kid too. I haven't even met any kids on drugs yet. Drunk maybe, but not one on drugs. Not even any rich coke heads here to appease their nagging rich father. I'm keeping my eye wide open though for a flaw. It could be like that green screen I was using while taping the next Concordia ad campaign, what I'm seeing could all be an illusion.

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Anonymous said...

umm, i think you mean YOUR enormous appetite for attention from others. (not everyone's that needy - LOL!)
Let's face it, kids have lives, they don't want to be stuck in a classroom for countless hours (and obviously neither does your prof).

if you don't like the class set up, don't tip.