Friday, September 4, 2009


It's raining cats and dogs out there today. Well off and on. I had my first official lecture in Intro to Christian faith. I asked the age old question, does God exist? I was told that we were going to learn about that. God is real in my mind, but I can see how he's not really understood by everyone. Maybe I'm full of shit who knows? I like going to school it's awesome. The kids are straight out of high school. You can tell there is some seriously pretentious rich assholes. I even saw an adolescent driving a Hummer. It was a cheap H2 or whatever, but I'm circling the outskirts of the campus looking for free parking for my Mazda 323. I am so broke, I know this photo stuff is going to pan out. It's gonna be close though. Rough and poor at first. I got 1000 cards printed. That's one of a couple of things I'm looking forward to do this weekend other then study of course. I hope the rain stops falling in time for the photo shoots. I need another battery for my camera bad! It's an expense I might have to risk today. last week my battery ran out while I was in the clubs. I got the shots I needed but still I was so fucking worried about it throughout the nigh I probably compromised a few shots. Whatever! I'll be on the ball this week. I mean this Friday, I'm going to sonic BOOM tomorrow. Yeeee Haw!


Victoria Von Swarovski said...

oh Sonic Boom, wish I coulda gone, we sacrificed it to go see Manson. And it doesn't matter who thinks what about God, it's how it benefits you that means the most.
I need fake blood for my video, any idea how to make it?

Anonymous said...

I'm sure there might be something out there, but to think that Christians have anything to do with it is pretty stupid. Christian = scum.

mattyfu said...

You should check or ebay for a non-oem battery they're way way cheaper and in my experience work just as well. dealextreme takes a week or more to show up though.