Thursday, September 10, 2009

Inferno Bucket

As long as she can ride in the Porch, she doesn't care about the other women. That's what I think women really want. They want access to a really nice car. Young women don't want a solid guy(if you get my drift) they want a man that fits into their princessy world of shiny shoes, and jewelry. I never want to be part of that fantasy, But I do hope I have a nice ride. Sweet wheels, that get me from a to b, my Mazda 323 is falling apart. I love that it get 800km to a tank of gas though. It needs work and I can't afford it. Hope my girlfriend likes an old, little, green ride.
Totally waiting for my student loans, I even bought my book with my own money. I have a feeling I'm going to go hungry before I get that check from the government. A check that I have to pay back. So you all know , I'm not getting a hand out like I did with guru. I'm getting a student loan. I don't even know how much their gonna give me. Not too much, I'm a psych major what are the chances I'm actually gonna get a job that makes me any money. Fucking psychology, God damn why? Why do I like such cheesy shit? Why can't I just love driving truck, or construction work. God why didn't you make me into the rest of the world. Big and dumb and ugly. Fuck God I feel dumb and ugly and small. Hey God, I'm looking for work and I'm babbling cause I'm hungry.


Anonymous said...

you're not dumb
you're not ugly
and you're not small
and yes, your girlfriend likes your ride)

LadyEdna said...

I'm curious... What made you write this?