Tuesday, September 8, 2009


Writing is keeping in you touch with your moment. Whats been groovin in my part of the movin. Concordia. Great school. Great, Great, Great, school so far. The same professors as the UofA, smaller class sizes. Awesome kids. So far. I played soccer. It's actually a class geared toward "How to Coach" a soccer team. I like soccer. I ran my heart out. In touch with my physical self? No, but I'm gonna be. My heart was pounding, I could breath though. I stopped smoking almost three years ago I think. Man I've changed. I've adapted my life to fit adulthood.
Psychology, my major. Well I'm almost finished any classes that involve anything psychology. I do have a Learning and Behavior class and it rocks. Behaviorists? We are a product of our environment. John Lock mother fuckers. There is no conscience. We are just reacting to life. I want to go further then my environment is telling me. I want to succeed because there is something inside of me that wants me to live my life. I'll achieve self actualization. Move beyond the norm. Make a difference. My environment told me to write that. My reaction to the world around me. I bought text books. 250$ and that was at half price. Love ya Bye.

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Anonymous said...

School - the big business of education. A real shame that getting a good education costs so much. A real shame.