Wednesday, November 16, 2011

pack pain

"I'm pretty sure!" they were looking at one another. Her eye's were wide. She did not do drugs he thought. "You're right!" looking up at him, she was smiling.
"So you agree?" he was still standing looming over her. They were in the glass room. Everyone could see them, he felt vulnerable.
She could tell he was unsteady, "I do!" her voice was soft,  "You do too!"
"Yeah!" they both had their heads down, everyone could hear them.
"You were listening today in class, weren't you?" she remember the lecture and the professor standing behind the podium.
"Everyone was listening today" he was looking strait into her eyes. "It was an interesting class." She looked away, "I almost was stupid enough to skip."
"You skip class?" the thought of it repelled her. "You know what she'll do don't you?" They both thought of her.
He remembered the way she answered. He smiled, "she's not that bad" he wasn't going to convince her, but he kept on talking. "She gets us all excited, even though she's so old!" He thought of his wife. "Not very many of us can honestly say that we have any passion."
"I can"
He thought of his mom, "I heard you today!" he backed off of her and pacing the room said "That was one of the first times I had ever heard you participate in the discussion!"
"You're right"
"So you think I speak fast?"

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