Friday, November 11, 2011

asshole! fucker

I found myself in another world. It was a sweeter place then this. I could see us in a utopia, then I realized there were lots more people here, and every one felt the same way as me but for the wrong reason.  They weakened everything. It was horrible being a part of all this world and not having anyone to see it with. Sure there were my lovers, and yes I brought them with me, but they all had their own agendas too. They wanted to survive, they all thought they wanted to succeed too.  No one really was able to show me what to do, no one had even lived through have the shit I did. Like, o.k there is the soldiers, but they weren't kids; I've never killed anyone, but I'm positive parts of me have, my insides, have been hacked off. I think I might have been the one that cut them off.

I live in another world often, it's crude to realize that everyone I live with on the planet is nothing like me. They don't even know they are in heaven. Assholes, I got stuck in traffic and I was cut off by this hundred year old woman. What upset me so much was actually that the cow almost plowed into me with her seventy thousand dollar town car, and risking my life, I swerved out of her way with my eight hundred dollar Malibu. Life is so good though, cause as I was swerving out of her way, I was listening to my cheap stereo. I adore listening to music in my gas guzzling  American car. I love that I like the same shit ass every one of the people I drive to work with..... I also fucking love getting stuck in traffic with all the rats.
I got these friends, well there is this girls, and she's dangerous, she's hot. We've never talked, I love her, and I'm sure she thinks I'm an asshole. Fuck her, her boyfriend is my best friends neighbor. They live right next to each other, and my buddy, watches them fuck, Asshole. I love em though. I have this girl friend who hates me, but we fuck like animals, then she tells me I'm worthless, even though she's old and fat. I love her cause she's rich though.
I live in the perfect time you know, the world has everything it needs to really put humanity on the map, I think we're gonna use all our technological progress to shove some dynamite up our kids ass's and watch our future bloom, like a firework. My parents, well and most forty year olds fall into the now deficient category. They helped maintain the world so well, they taught their kids to suck anything for enough money. The industrial revolution was a gift that lets us build the internet, the internet was designed to fly the earth up into Gods......

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