Thursday, November 17, 2011

hurt right under his heart

I live in a country that is so right we don't even know what it looks like to be wrong. "Did you find that lost one?" the questions are so out of line. " I wish I knew where I was going to go when I finish this test." My voice always broke when I talked, it was like I was alone, but I was in a car, I had the radio on! "I tried and it didn't work!" it happens to sound bad when it looks the way it did when it happened. "I didn't want to say anything. "I just wanted everyone to hear me." but no one listens. She does. "Yeah!" a moment went on before he repeated. "Yeah." This conversation is being held by you, with yourself. "Hey, I'm his super ego." The same pause, eyes rolling, "You're my id!" He was thinking bout her, "she is too young for you." He was right she was, "so? It's not like I'm better, I've been breaking my own heart over and over again. I'm an idiot." He thought about it. "And not even with the ones I choose to love but with the way I run my life, I don't want to be anywhere on time. "I think! And that's  my problem." Time is of my essences and it's my time, not theirs." The thought of one of his professors came into his head, "she's too old!" he didn't even bother to mention that she's married to herself. There is so much work to do. He was burdened, and the stress caused pain. "Yeah one other thing!" It's cause you to need help. You use help but you don't want that. You think you can do it alone, "but I'm actually standing on ......" he didn't want to say it out loud.
"I can only write when I'm kinda hungry!"  his stomach growled, he though about God. "What do you want to ask?" The sound of his imagination hurt right under his heart. "Nothing really!" he said after thinking about what he wanted to know. "I can see the future!"

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