Sunday, November 6, 2011

shit is dark starter in the back cucumber!

It was three oclock, Daylight savings time was kicking in. The leaves had taken their time this year, to fall, the season died gently. It was a radiant autumn, but winter was coming, and we were a few days now into november. It was getting colder and the days were looking like they do right before the day you wake up to see the landscape in front of your house covered in snow. It's always such a shock that first morning. I remember the morning, waking up as a child, in the brisk carpeted space, and running to my mother bed room. My dad was almost always asleep, it made me laugh. I could see the snow the instant I entered their room, it was filled with windows, falling, swirling and smiling at me. It was only so magical the first day. The coldness and the necessity to bundle up bothered me.
Inspector gadget was on along side the careBears... I remember making myself instant porridge, I never liked eating before dawn. This is so fragmented. There is a beginning, it was in the apartment on a hundredth and fifth street and one-o-seven ave. It was different in the past, driving by it now you'd find yourself in a broken community, I guess it was back then too, except back then it wasn't as busted. There was a water park outside, there were slides, I remember my brother telling me "the kids shit on the slide." I was too scared to go look and see, I was only three, so I just hung on to my older counterpart.
I was remembering the times when I was off to Europe to free myself of the western tyranny. This was  in the mid nineties, I was an early teen. I had just smoked pot, and started thinking about sex. It was october 12 or something when we left Canada. Fuck, who the fuck does that. Immigrants, ballsy. I remember owning a portable CD player, I was the only one in, what felt like to me, half the country who could play CD's.  It was a shady day there when we landed,  Polish gray, it was still green though, different then Canada. I was listening to NIN, Trent was opening my mind up past Cobain's guitar hero suicide antics. Guitars were going to be substitutes and things were going to change. The kids there liked me.


aLeX said...

I've moved twice in my life. Once to Calgary from Edmonton and again from Calgary to Edmonton. They both had CD players so i wasn't a stud. Moving to Calgary I made friends over common interests ranging from the fact we wore clothes, to video games. It didn't matter who you were and what you liked if you could have fun you'd fit in. Moving back i was now older, and ppl forgot how to have fun and I did too, wearing clothes wasn't gonna cut it anymore. We forgot how to imagine. But that first snow fall even now jogs that childhood feeling in your mind every single year. This year instead of complaining of how cold it is, run with it and wear 5 jackets and make snow angels.

Bum Atom said...

I hate the fucking snow! but its going to be the reason my kid eat in the future, Dirty spinning ball called earth!