Monday, July 13, 2009

Staby staby

Tonight was crazy. While sitting outside the 711 on Stony plain road and 154st I watched a man jump over my hood. The man had just run across the street, he had been stabbed by a group of gang members that were hot on his trail. The victim ran into the 711. The gangsters followed him inside and stabbed him. On security camera I guess. I called 911 because as I watched the incident unfold the clerk in the 711 just kept cashing. Customers service is more important to the Filipino clerk then a man dying on his stores floor. As I talked to 911 I explained where the gangsters were going, I tried to give the dispatcher a description of the assailant but the guy on the other end of the line hung up on me. The cops showed up about 10minutes later. There were several women cops and I noticed lots of pettign and giggling betweent the the boy cops and the girl cops while they waited for the wounded mans ambulance. I don't think female cops can do what a man can do. Just like I don't think a women could drive a cab in Edmonton at night. There isin't any women driving cab at night in Edmonton because it's just something that a man should do. Jesus knows how dangerous these jobs are. I also had a young woman offer to smoke a joint with me. I said "no" but sure did appreciate the offer she paid me way to well. Here is a video about hating the corporate pig.

and here is the link to the photos I shot this weekend ClubZone


Anonymous said...

GeeZuz, how do all the craZies seem to find YOU??!!

cool pics on Club Zone. Mine are waaaay cooler tho (but they have a lot more green in them....;)

Jacknife said...

I would hate to see the numbers of law enforcement officers decrease, but instead i want to see training and professionalism increase. I dont care what your sexual preference is 'petting' should be kept off the clock

Anonymous said...


Haven't read the blog in a while. But apparently your life just keeps getting crazier and crazier with all the shit that you see. Good for you with all the promo stuff!


mattyfu said...
The alberta art gallery is having a 1 minute video competition with one of the themes being "real life", figured if you didn't already have something usable then you could probably whip together an entry.
Take it easy buddy!