Monday, July 6, 2009

100-150mm of rain over the bulls boys the bulls

Sunday is my kinda day. It's relaxed. My Saturday night was so stressful I was furious. I kept talking shit to the only thing that would listed to my rant, God! I was alone in the cab yelling at the almighty. Cursing, calling the big guy upstairs every name I could think of. I slammed a door on my chest last night, that wasn't Gods fault neither was my bad night. So this Sunday morning I went to church. Not! Screw church for me driving the taxi is church. Tonight was slow. I think I had four fares and three were my own clients. One of the kids in the car tonight was drunk. He needed to take a leak, I stopped and waited for the guy to get out and pee. Well when he came back there was a stink. The mother fucked stepped in dog shit. The worst part was he couldn't smell it. Fuck! I parked that stinky car and went home. What a night. It rained.

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Hope Walls said...

Isn't that what life is about for a lot of people? Stepping in shit (often their own) and so self-absorbed that don't realize that their stink is stinking up everybody else's airspace. Or spending far too much time concerned with the shit on other people's shoes to realize the shit they have caked on their own feet.