Sunday, July 5, 2009

Smile like a doughnut cause that's a good way to make a living

It was so dead last night that when I was asked by a fare to go to Beaumont I said to the group of young adults "I don't want any cash up front, but if you guys rip me off my kid won't eat." They all laughed thinking I was joking. Then one of them said "dude you're not Taliban, we'll pay good just go." I went. They were one of my only fares last night. I wonder if the guys that look like members of Al-Qaeda made any money tonight. I drove this girl just as the sun was setting. I took her down town. She said she was meeting a military guy. "He's an old friend" she said, "he drinks a lot, but he's a nice guy." I told her to stay safe. So at three in the morning I get a call from her. She sounded funny, like she was scared. I told her I would go out of my way to pick her up at the bass. The military barracks are as far north as you can go. On the way there she sent me a text that she had no cash. I called her and asked "Are you OK?" She said "No." I asked "are you safe?" She said "no." I said "you can pay me back the cash I'll be there in five minutes." When I got there she was no longer answering her phone. I wonder if she was getting rapped. Over the phone she gave me the impression that her soldier buddy wasn't such a nice guy. She never answered my calls when I got there. I hope something happened to her because that call wasted any chance I had at maybe making enough money to survive. So Kira I hope he did something to you. Cause you worked me, you probably lied to me and I wanted to help you. Next time you cry wolf I hope the monsters you hang out with give you what you deserve. The last fare I had that actually paid took me to Millwoods. One of the two guys in the back seat was east Indian. He was kinda in a weird mood. I took them to his place first. He wanted me to keep driving. He directed me to a tree with flowers hanging in it. He introduced me to his brother, a kid who was shot dead right at that spot. The east Indian dude was in a strange place so his buddy paid me and told me to go. He said (not the east Indian) "I'm gonna walk him home" you could tell they were friends. I left the two guys standing next to a tree looking up to the leftover pieces of the shrine. I wasn't sure what to think other then RIP. Tonight was so bad. All I can say is that in the past 40 hours of work I brought home 200$. I am officially a crappy provider for my family and the corporate pig is definitely winning. If you are a part of the plastic world go fuck yourself in the face.


Anonymous said...

aw hell. in the face?? again??

taxitalk said...

you're lucky no reads this stuff

Vanessa said...

Oof! well Thanks for the slurpee saturday night! you are definately the coolest cabbie i've ever met!