Saturday, July 4, 2009

Lawyer, Lawyer pants on fire

Tonight one of my fares told me how he lost his virginity. He said "once when I was eighteen I was moping around a 711. Looking for some candy or something. When this chic came up to me and invited me over to her house. She was kinda scraggly but I went. Well we drank some beer and we fucked. That's how I lost my virginity." I looked at him and said "wow special." He laughed and screamed "that's not it, there is more!" he paused took a breath and spoke "I never told anyone this story, I didn't want people to know that the first time I had sex was with a women who kicked me out right after because her boyfriend was on his way home. I was happy it all happened so fast." I told him "I lost my virginity to my bosses daughter when I was twenty, her dad was also my principle. We both shared an interest in prescription anti depressants. The relationship did not last long." Later I drove several groups of people high on X. Canada is a big producer of the shit. One of the biggest in the world. Fuck one thing I can honestly say about Canada is that it carries some serious and extreme drug cultures. One of the groups was a bunch of young women. The other was a group of adolescents crack dealers. The drug seemed to make both parties nice, polite, happy and pleasant people. The two fares combined made up half my income for last night. I gave every member of both those groups my telephone number. I need people to start taking my taxi and nothing beats a young kid on probation with a healthy income. Other than a group of girls who don't think you're creepy and understand that gratuity is welcome. They rock and they're safe. I drove a lawyer last night, he told me "I'm a criminal lawyer, it's a job that's never boring, always challenging and often overwhelming." He tipped me fourteen dollars and took off.

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Anonymous said...

boyfriend on the way home, eh? that woman is going 2 hell 4 sure!