Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Historic Moon rising.

Her heart wasn't just corrupted by the distance between the people she ruled over and herself. What really set her on a path separate form man kind was her desire to control. From here station on the Moon, Molly could see everything, in a way, before it happened.
She was able to witness the beginning of the 4th World War. It was bassed on series of events that may have been prevented had the Mother of an Arabian King spent more time with him. The boy, whose father was murdered by civil assassins, was crowed a few moments too early. His mother was always preparing her speech to him, the one where she tells him the way it really is in life. She was never able to tell him.... everything happened so fast.
The day he attacked the American embassy inside his own country was the day Molly saw that what was going to happen with the world was going to happen sooner or later. The fires began two months after that. Hundreds of thousands of troops where dispatched, American soldiers sent to burn down trees located in an endangered forest. They used chemicals to generate the heat to burn the people too.

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