Tuesday, August 27, 2013

MollyMoon Chap1

Her anger caused us so much pain. She could have accepted us for what we were. A lifeless group of people who were never going to change. She broke our hearts when she decided to fall herself instead of standing up for us....
"i missed it to much. The isolation I had from the rest of the people on earth was addictive. Being given the chance to witness our behavior from that distance, form such a vastly new perspective changed me. I never wanted to go back."
It was ten years into the experiment......
Earth had begun to collapse things were beginning to turn for the worst. She was on the moon, her name was Molly. Ten years earlier she was someone else.
"Optimism and foresight" that's what it said about her in the paper. "The princess with brains" that's what they wrote. Not that many of us understood what was happening. But the King reassured us she'd be fine. The moment the future Queen of our planet was sent to space the hearts of most of the caring people of the world broke. We were stranded without out future leader.
The girl who sacrificed herself to watch us...... fall apart and willingly went blind.

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