Wednesday, August 21, 2013


The main character, a young and handsome dumbass photographer walks into a bar. He makes his way into a dingy old nightclub....
He moves toward a man sitting in a VIP both... a coveted spot during the clubs hours of operation but looking grimy in the properly lit situation. the man sitting in the booth is well dressed in business attire. People are making noises the back of the establishment getting ready for the long grueling night ahead.
"Sit down" say s the man to the photographer. The young man looks around nervously before finally sitting himself awkwardly adjacent to the man in the suit.
A laptop and a jug of iced water separates the two. there is a long pause as the two look at eachother.

"So you've been with us for a long time now." Again eye contact is made and there's another long pause.
"Yeah, like four years"

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