Monday, September 2, 2013

Lunatic on the Moon

They were able to talk because of the sun.
Molly never wanted to have any direct contact with humanity. Humanity's devolution was incredible. Space travel was the first thing to go. The Lunatarian Monarchy was a peaceful dictatorship. The family ruled by King Phobos who held power through the thought of the fear of war. Molly's father used the terror brought from the destruction of the Earth's environment down from the heavens.
After the population explosion of the twenty first century all the resources required to sustain all of humanity were controlled by one nation. The largest island left from what was once North America. Molly's mother's home town was named Edmonton. She was heir to a spectacular fortune. The world's most hospitable land belonged to her. Her marriage to, at the time, a man who was seen as a lunatic changed all of what was left of human civilization. 

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