Wednesday, October 3, 2012

The Dic Pic a Cultural Phenomena

You thinking they all wanted to find love?... is a joke ha; fuck that they wanted to write about their crazy dates. They all do that shit, it's like bullshit gossip. Fucking blogasphere is trying to put me into it. Hey young hot Christian chick!! You know what there is so much more to life then organized cult religion. I'm fucking Jesus, he fucks chicks in the ass! Laugh out fucking loud. This world is a date! we're all on line. I'm getting five stars!! So now that it's settled nations are going to be built on chicks that met there guy through a dick pick. And fucking Jeanna Marbles, and her fucking dogs. there is more to this, there is something beyond the dick pic. It's a Shakespearean comedy! It appears broken and all the characters are confused on the opposite end, but the connection, the actual intercourse that comes form the machinery of it is destiny. It's beyond us. But it caters to us, because we fulfill a purpose we probably don't or can't yet understand. Being human is so cool, we're a parasite. What happens when a parasite finishes its incubation state..... It fucking grows wings. Canada will be were people grow wings, it'll be a mutation that changes everything. We'll eventually become an insect that can travel through space and as we move forward through time. Out ability to do that really depends if this morsel of a planet has the resources to nurture us to the stat. We are devilish little fucker. Our bitches want to blog about their dates instead of fucking evolving. Get a job, write a blog about saving the fucking planet from the pesticide monarchs we've become. God damn, Dating blogger, I got you fucking pinned! But I'm down with church and shit. and sex on the first date. It has been affirmed, the internet is a taxiride. So on line fucking dating has become a common way of baring the burden of being a fallen fucking human being. So it seems like I alone was the only one that didn't join the site to write about the size of the next guys dick. So far I've been applauded and so has my cultural phenomena

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