Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Im starting a new blog.

What a demonstrative effort squatting down toward the toilet trying not to piss all over the seat. Fuck. The world is beginning to end and I'm still writing this shitty fucking ball of text that'll erase when the world runs out of power, the data will rot and some other dirty insect race will come eat our remains.
I fall in love everyday. Then I jerk off. I don't drink, or do drugs. But I can still barely stand on my own two feet. Topsy fucking turvy. "That's what she said" people say that shit. It's like trying not to piss on the seat.

I've been eating mini wheats. Eating them straight atta the box. I had this woman who was hooking  me up with unpasteurized milk. It was sweet. Now I'm thinking about the big time, the new west coast. Well at least the one that ends up sticking around after Van falls in the Ocean. There was a storm in New York. Things are getting all climaty. "Hey you mother fuckers out there in Fort Mac and Northern Alberta , try to protect our land." Fuck did you guys notice I was being nice to them. Big oil is going to make our lives better.
I'm pretty sure the mini wheats are genetically engineered. I try not to yell at my dad any more. 

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