Monday, October 8, 2012

EPS Swallo's a bad load

A lot of people live their lives pretending they give a shit about the world and that they are doing the best they can for mankind when really they're just a fucking bunch of monkeys. We live on a planet of animals. Man is an incredible thing, when he's not acting like a fucking dog. Now I don't want you to think that I'm writing about you, unless of course you're a stinking pig, or a banker. What the fuck does a banker do? So last night I watched this bum get his ass kicked by these three teenage Edmontonian types, you know ..... stupid, probably fans of hockey. They just fought this bum, the Bums hooker girlfriend backed him up. It was cool to see her jump in the moment one of the other boys decided to stomp on the bums head unfairly. The worst part was the cops caught up to the kids to pat them on the back. They even went as far as to offer the vicious monster, monkey individuals a fast track to Cop school, where you can learn "how to be a burden to society 101". I watched these two cops today, there were ticketing jay walkers since the long weekend was cold and dead. I watched as they reprimanded and fined a homeless guy for stumbling across the street. While the Sasquatch look a like female officer proceeded in making the mans life miserable, I watched as dozens of affluent people also ran across the street. I was reminded about how nasty our society is tonight, when I was stopped at a red light next to a Cadillac SUV. After several seconds waiting for the light to change the driver, a cop look alike, ran the red.

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