Friday, February 17, 2012

So there needs to be focuse! Yeah, where is your buss pass p-bunk?

"looking at the license plate!" the voice was coming from the back of the bus. There were so many people going on board. We were scared. We were all kids. It was cold, and early. Too early. Our world was changing but they were making us stay the same. They wanted to make it our fault. There were so many of us on that bus convinced. I remember, I didn't have my bus pass. The bus driver let me on, "just this once!" it was so cold. I hated it. I was only sixteen years old.
I had this job and I was working so hard, I was exactly what the boss wanted me to be. I was looking to figure it all out. I can remember a kid in a hoodie. Short. Stuck out, I was so different, but I was so small.
"I'm going to go to university." I remember the boy I sat next too. He was six two. "I'm lucky our school has a pool, I can swim over lunch, I don't have to get up at four thirty to swim in the public pool. I hate the public pools" He was so beautiful. I knew that, It bothered me that he'd didn't understand that. His sister was perfect, and short. Big tits. I was sixteen. I belonged in high school, we all do. We were all on that bus, "just this once," is was all about that bus pass. Not about school, schools about the bus pass, the badge. The way it is.
I was on that bus begging to be told what it is, and that's what I got. I got a ride to school. I took the bus.
It was so cold all the time, I was never sick or anything, but I remember when I first got picked up by the boys in the black car. Fast, how everything slowed down, taking in the speed was, new, and I felt myself grow old. Older then I ever accepted in my child hood. The bus was our perception of time. We're on it, in high school. We never grow. My life is my fantasy, the realty that makes me feel life forgetting about it. And letting go, only to come back home again, to my mother and older brother. My family. A dream I can't feel, but I know it's something you never forget.
There were so many of us walking, that bus just shit us out. Life is and was a success every day, my life was the reason I decided to let go, forget about it and lose,
Her Voice was what I wanted to hear, fuck she left me. She wasn't who I wanted, but it always isn't. We re all the same cause we re all so different.
The same dog barked, and every day the same kid barked back. Same thing, a marriage, I got used to it. We walked past the arena, I am such a city kid. The lights were so bright. No need to run, I settled down, because I've been not able to sit so silent for so long, so sos ososososdjs, Mind is adolescent,I think that I live at the top of the world. I think that our planet is amazing. i am going to send my son to school here. eeeeek

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