Sunday, February 5, 2012

and i don't want us all to die.

It was about time he was able to talk to them. He had waited his whole life to be able to stand on a firm foundation. "The world didn't make climbing this ladder very easy did it?" He asked the question way above everyone else, the sound of the wind in the sail made him think of the frustrations he had with all the kids who didn't want to come.
"What is it that's holding you back, what's the point of staying here? To die?" The memory of the group of them sitting, staring with their mouths open.
He was on a Boat now looking back to find them, they were still there starving. There were three of them that took what spirit was left on that island.
"We're gonna come back for you guys" Jim said. He was sixteen and he was leaving his younger bother Philip behind. "He's only seven!" He said bending down kissing the young boy on the cheek."He's gonna be fine, I'm going to find him some help." No one could look him in the eye. "Jeff" Patrick yelled. Jeff lashed back surprised. He looked up at Patrick who was holding a staff. "Here," he said reaching the stick over out toward Jeff."Yeah" Jeff answered, looking Patrick in the eye's "I'll look after him, and the rest of the little un's!"
Patrick wished that they could all leave together, "It's too dangerous" Jim repeated, "Come on!" Steve said. He was sneezing, an allergy was getting to him.
"No one wants you on the raft" Jim spoke gravely, he wasn't scared of anyone there. "Three's enough!" The sand around him was wet. He had brought in three fish from the Ocean. He held a spear. "I know the raft is good enough to hold on to three of us." he stopped and looked at the boy laying in the makeshift bed. "We need to get you guys off this island."

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