Friday, February 10, 2012

Tweet me bitch!.. Oh tweet those who have no star!

Imagine if you were in the past and you saw the future, and you knew that there was going to be a thing like twitter. Imagine if you figured you'd try to send a tweet! now imagine how cold it would be outside naked. Now imaging looking at the stars as you were laying naked on the snow in the arctic thinking bout how you figured out that you were going to be part of a race that was going to tweet. Imagine if you saw a star as you were on that flat cold piece of ice and you thought to yourself. I'm going to tweet you bitch, and she heard you, imagine. So if he can tweet, I can speak to stars. How?
Easy, by telling you that you have to help me, because if we put our heads together we'll make our tweets come true. Except your tweets have to be true, a reflection of that honest view of the future. Imagine if that star followed me, Imagine she followed me first. I know, who wouldn't. Imagine she wants to be like me. Imagine. I made the star. Imagine I want that start to be with me, but she needs to choose me first. Imagine

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