Monday, January 30, 2012

he started on fire.

It was my own work holding me back. Making me forget about what really mattered. "What was that again." He Knew what it was. His life had made itself apparent. "Video killed the photographer" it put a smile on his face as he wrote it. "It's all you're fault." He thought of her. Her lips. He smiled again he fantasized. "I know what I want." The thoughts that came to his head overwhelmed him. He looked around for a inkling in what was just and he found it in the reflection on the widow. He could see himself looking through the glass. All the houses outside stood dark. His head silhouetted by the oven light behind him. "Love the light." he looked through himself into her. His heart started racing as he saw the reflection in the mirror. He felt a sensation, a heating on his inner thigh. His senses heightened by her presence.
Seeing her outside made him feel uneasy, he wasn't home alone, he was with his child.
Her presence was begging to be welcomed, "But in the night?" He knew her answer to his life. A smile and a sigh, then a natural glance at one another in traffic. "Well, you're always downtown" his pants started to smolder. Then

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