Sunday, December 14, 2008

I have a new bearded buddy, Thank You for Real

Fuck, cold, fucking Hard core cold and yet I still had a great night. I picked up a lot of personals. One of the reasons personal calls are so important to me is they are safe. I had this crack dealer in the car. He was drunk and willing to flip the car over to prove a point. I was scared of him but I couldn't show it. He was making fun of me and he was putting me down. I just wanted to get him out of the car. I find that the best way to do that is to just get the fuckers home. This guy lived in the west end. 6503 177st, please someone burn that building down, get everyone good out and burn all the bad fuckers down. This dealer has a kid. The west end is getting very bad and the cops are pigs who jerk off. Do you guys know that the Hells Angels are probably a better organization for protecting the people then the EPS, sad but true. EPS is a joke. Next time you see a cop ask him or her what he or she does for a living and if he or she says something other then masturbate call him or her a liar. Hey when was the last time you actually had a EPS officer help you? anyone comment. When was the last time you witnessed the Police prevent crime before it happened. You know a check stop on Calgary trail and 50th ave every night over and over again is predictable, all the drunks have to do is take 99st, and they do, and the cops sit on Calgary trail and jerk each other off. God awful pigs. I was thinking of video taping it and selling it as awful gay porn. I would call it "The Boys in Blue eat bitter Cum and like it". Fuck them. I drove some cool cats too Ten Second Epic tonight, almost the whole band, fucking awesome they inspired me. They told me their favorite stories that they read in my blog and it blew my mind. It made me realize the blog is being read and can have an influence. That's why I want to make you readers "sick" in a good way, I'm going to start taking this diary seriously. This blog is more then just a safe ride through a world filled sex, drugs, drunks and Rock and Roll, it's a safe ride through a world filled with rapists, murderers, crack dealers, gang bangers, whores, pimps and their victims. I want to save my city because I'm raising a child in this world and I want him to grow up on a good planet where police don't just make porn they water the flowers in the Garden of Eden. Cheese, but hey its true, have a kid you'll understand. Tonight it was -30, -40 with wind chill and I had dozens of dirty skanks try to pile in the car 6 at a time because they were cold. They were wearing things like belly shirts and short skirts even open toed sandals (which I love). If they weren't dressed for the weather I kicked them the fuck out. Someone has to teach sluts a lesson, and since their fathers fucked them instead of raising them I decided I'm the one, the asshole to do it. Next time ladies wear a jacket and you won't have to offer men a blow job to get out of the cold. I picked up a personal at the Union and she brought along a friend who plays in a band that plays some heavy tunes "bayoneta" check em out, Tell them what you think. I also drove a couple to the International Airport, they told me that you can see a women fuck a donkey on stage in Mexico, she told me "It's like going to see Top Gun."


Anonymous said...

holy shit dude! chill the fuck out! if you can't stand all the cops, sluts, and crackie's, don't provide them with transportation to do all the nasty things they do! pick up another fare, or get a new gig.

p.s. you're title makes no sense.

Anonymous said...

yah, let them drive drunk or cracked out, hopefully they all kill each other (why do THEY deserve a safe ride home??!)

Anonymous said...

I suppose it's because you work the night shift that you get all the bad guys/girls. But working days so you can pick up the grannies wouldn't make you any money (so you whore yourself out, right?) maybe you should get more corporate clients and drive people to the airport more.

Anonymous said...

Nice embedded link.

taxitalk said...

four fucking comments, I must be in heaven.
Fuck chilling out, ill chill out when I die or a crack head kills me
oh and fuck corporate clients, I'm no fucking sellout, my title makes way to much sense you just don't understand, I had a blast last night. embedded link you can spell.
everyone out there stay safe

Meika said...

Holy shit Anon - Does anything make sense to your simple mind?

I hate city cops too. I once had to call 911 cuz a cilent in our office was flipping out and threatened to rape and kill me. The woman on 911 said they can't help until I had been raped.

They're asshole scum bags with too much ego and too little intellegence. And this post has done a GREAT job of summing my thoughts of deadmonton.