Wednesday, December 17, 2008

It's all about the context, right Boss?

O.k this post needs to be written, I have something to say about women. Girls you don't know how to protect yourselves from dirty predator men. Well some of you do I'm sure but there a some women out there that don't know what to do when a cabby asks them for sexual... anything. Listen to me, even if you think the taxi driver is cute and you want him to give you the bone, the mother fucker is at work. Professionals don't go and fuck their fares, fucking someone you don't know is dangerous. Women if a cabby askes for a blow job, even if he asks nicely, report him. You get the number off the side of his car and you call the company, all organizations take that kind of thing seriously. Cabbies who are aggressive enough to ask someone they don't know for a blow job are aggressive enough to rape a girl who is too drunk to say "no". Think about it, please. Next time a taxi driver makes himself available sexually to you report him. All drivers are by law suppose to have their Id's visible at all times, if they don't you should be weary. Please remember to always pay attention to the taxi you enter, remember that you can call the company or the police (who do nothing) right from the front or back seat. If the fucker touches you he is a predator. All men want to have easy sex with women they don't know, it's natural, but it's a primitive instinct that is not an acceptable behavior in a western taxi. Think about it ladies. Remember to protect yourself from those types of monsters. If you don't stop it, it will happen to your daughters and so on and so on. These guys should be dragged by their balls behind a taxi. God I don't believe this stuff, I hear stories about bad drivers all the time, and I never hear that the victim told on the asshole. Tonight I drove to Edson in a snow storm, I risked my ass to deliver some 5000$ part for Finning. Scary trip, anyone who loves me out there would have been horrified that I drove in those awful conditions. The delivery paid my rent in five hours, fuck I'm a sell out, but man I haven't done anything that dangerous since I was on drugs. Adrenaline Rush the whole way there. On the way back I was the only car on the road, I made it back, rock on everyone and stay fucking safe.


Meika said...

Yeah those roads were NASTY! But sweet you got your rent paid man! I've luckily never had anyone try anything in a cab, but 'm strong enough and loud enough I wouldn't let anybody try shit on me. I've never understood women that will just stand there as a man says or does disgusting things. Stand up for yourself, its not like anybody else will.

Anonymous said...

Point well made.

taxitalk said...

thank you

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